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CTO Roundtable

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Michael Messig

Chief Technology Officer, Active Pipe

On the benefits of CTO Roundtable

“The CTO Roundtable is unlike any other gathering of CTOs I’ve been to. The close-knit group allows us to share stories and genuinely support each other in a non-judgemental environment. Brad's experience and guidance, along with the high calibre speakers have touched on many ideas that have helped me in my own company. I've implemented several strategies that I’ve picked up from the group and it has genuinely helped me grow as a CTO”.

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Scott Vandonkelaar

Chief Technology Officer, Zero Latency

On the benefits of CTO Roundtable

"CTO Roundtable has created a great environment for me to develop and learn from people in a way you just can't get from normal training material. The wealth of experience and knowledge in the group really shows in every conversation and always has me walking away with something new to think about. The addition of guest speakers and the expert advice from Brad Birchall has given me the chance to be much more confident in my role as CTO."

Pitched at Chief Technology Officer. LCA takes a unique approach by supporting CTOs to derive practical benefits by being part of a dedicated membership-based peer group.

Members count on their peers to provide fresh perspectives, new ideas and solve the most pressing business issue and concerns at regular group meetings.

Key Benefits

  • Exchange peer-validated strategies, solutions and partners in trust and confidence

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how other like-minded and successful CTOs approach similar challenges and opportunities

  • Accelerate high growth and digitally-driven outcomes with best practices and new ways of thinking

  • We all have knowledge gaps - your group helps you identify your blind spots

  • You have a fresh sounding board to test ideas and get frank advice when things really get tough



CTO Roundtable caters exclusively for results-driven tech leaders. Your resources are stretched, competition is fierce and you face new challenges every day. 


Each Roundtable provides a wealth of peer support. Members are committed to helping each other, offering intimate connections and a confidential forum for exchanging valuable insights and ideas.


This is the perfect solution for CTOs who finds themselves working in the business far more than they are working on the business. 


Our specialised approach will help you refine your goals, perfect your leadership skills and create a roadmap to have a positive impact on your business.


Executive development matters and as a CTO you have options to choose from such as free CTO meet-ups, vendor-sponsored networking events, the traditional MBA, a CTO coach or mentor and general CTO training.
How are we different? With continuity of members, a dedicated chair - facilitator and a structured meeting approach, CTO Roundtable delivers high-impact and real-time learning that takes you to the next level of performance making a positive business impact.

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