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CFO Roundtable

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Siobhan Hammer

Chief Financial Officer, Patties Food

On the benefits of CFO Roundtable

“CFO Roundtable Benefits: I joined the CFO Roundtable group to gain the benefit of external perspectives. The group encourages shared discussions with peers on similar issues & challenges to share ideas and lessons learned. Each group session helps to take me out of my day to day role, to think about how I tackle issues and I bring back new ideas to my own workplace."

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Christian Eisenbock

Finance Director, BSH Home Appliances (Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau & Neff)

On the benefits of CFO Roundtable

"In an ever changing world, the role of the CFO has been evolving dramatically too. Our discussions help grasping, understanding and eventually managing these challenges in our organizations. As some of those new demands seem to be quite similar across different industries, the CFO roundtable provides an excellent opportunity to exchange with peers and get a different view, no matter if you are new to the role, new to the country or already very experienced in your field."

​Pitched at Chief Financial Officer. The role of the CFO is increasingly strategic and focused on innovation. This informal program equips the modern Finance Chief, with the knowledge, skills, and network you need to successfully increase both company & personal performance and productivity.

Key Benefits

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are under tremendous pressure to keep companies operating smoothly.

LCA takes a unique approach by supporting curious and progressive CFOs to derive practical benefits by being part of a dedicated membership-based peer group.

A CFO Roundtable is made up of a team of 12 liked-minded and non-competing members. These members count on their peers to provide fresh perspectives, new ideas and solve the most pressing business issue and concerns at regular group meetings. 

The group meets on a semi-regular basis to accelerate growth & impact through sharing experiences in trust and confidence.
If you are considering executive development, we understand you have different options to choose from such as your classic MBA, vendor-sponsored networking events, CFO executive courses and CFO Coach.
What sets our program apart? Our informal program is made up of 12 like-minded committed CFOs who in a safe environment share new ideas, best practices and collectively solve pressing business issues. 

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