Key Executive Roundtable

Pitched at Executives running large organisations (circa 800 staff +) who have substantial and direct P&L responsibility. For many Senior Executives, the function continues to expand in scope requiring the contemporary Executive to strengthen their leadership and management capabilities. This Roundtable provides fresh perspectives, new ideas and solutions to the most pressing business issues and concerns, at regular group meetings.




Chief Financial Officer


“I really value my membership of my Roundtable. As well as being fun and engaging, I look forward to spending time on a semi-regular basis with forum members from other industries and explore topics in a safe, confidential setting. 


And yes, I’m a CFO, but the strategic and operational context that other members bring to topics that I may be struggling with is hugely helpful. At the end of the day, many issues are common across the C-suite and taking a different point of view on topics is very refreshing.


Listening to Roundtable members and external speakers on relevant topics allows me to rise above the day to day noise and I find I often solve other unrelated issues that I may have been struggling with”. 

Key Benefits;


·     learn from other successful peers in your group – ignite ideas around your own practices by learning from the experiences of others in your specific field.

·     grow your business by recharging your thinking with new approaches, forward planning and fresh perspectives.

·     count on confidential and honest advice from a circle of trusted peers whose only agenda is to help you succeed.

·     drive collaboration & innovation within your peer group.

·     build your professional network.