CIO Roundtable

Pitched at Chief Information Officer. Fluffy articles, conferences and fashionable media channels offer limited value when it comes to the topics of leadership and transformational change.


This Roundtable equips you, as the Head of Technology, with the knowledge, skills, and network you need to successfully increase both company & personal performance / productivity.




Chief Information Officer
Bunzl  APAC

"Joining the CIO Roundtable has been invaluable, in more ways than one.  I have met some high calibre technology leaders across different industries and learnt about their respective organisations, where I would not otherwise have had that opportunity. 


It is a safe forum to share the challenges of IT with each other, and seek out proven solutions.  I have even adopted some of these solutions in my own organisation. Above all, being a member of the roundtable has been a great learning and development experience for me."




Chief Information Officer
Bank Vic

“Although my career has mostly been spent in banking the challenges we all face nowadays with the accelerating rate of change in technology and consumer expectations often driven by the big tech companies, means we need to look outside our business sectors to see how we can innovate and drive digital transformation.


The CIO roundtable brings together a diverse group of CIOs from different business sectors who face the same challenges but approach the development of a solution from different perspectives. Being able to leverage this pool of knowledge and pre-tested solutions is not only immensely valuable but also enjoyable, add in the guest speakers and this is an investment that pays for itself immediately”.

Key Benefits;


·     learn from other successful peers in your group – ignite ideas around your own practices by learning from the experiences of others in your specific field.

·     grow your business by recharging your thinking  with new approaches, forward planning and fresh perspectives.

·     count on confidential and honest advice from a circle of trusted peers whose only agenda is to help you succeed.

·     drive collaboration & innovation within your peer group.

·     build your professional network.