CPO Roundtable

CPO Roundtable is a high-level and powerful forum which caters to a small group of committed, like-minded and progressive HR Executives. In order to be an effective commercial business player, HR Executives need to constantly provide strategic and commercial value to their CEO. Governed by Chatham House Rule, Members discuss and share how they can most effectively provide real ‘pressure tested’ business solutions to address operational issues and align their people and organisation strategy to deliver against the business strategy.




Head of People and Performance


"I have found the CPO Roundtable forum to be invaluable.  It is easy in such a busy role to spend all your time managing the day to day.  The Roundtable is a fantastic opportunity to get together with a group of peers and step into the space of bigger-picture and strategic thinking.  The forum and network provides me with insight from a range of different industries and businesses, to help me solve challenges in my business.  I am thoroughly enjoying building a network of trusted colleagues that lean on each other for advice, problem solving and perspective.  The forum also provides a variety of external experts on very relevant topics which have been informative, educational and directly impacts decisions I make within my business."




Executive People Experience
Melbourne Airport

"As a member of CPO Roundtable, I have managed to broaden my network of passionate HR leaders whom value connecting with each other for both professional, and at times, mental support!  I value the significant contributions made by all at each gathering, to what I feel is highly energising, productive and thought-provoking sessions.

This forum helps us to continue creating best practice across our own individual organisations, and also enable us to work together as a community to solve common problems that we are all facing in the people space.  I look forward to continue to stay connected so that we can further learn from one another and share best practice."

Key Benefits;


·     learn from other successful peers in your group – ignite ideas around your own practices by learning from the experiences of others in your specific field.

·     grow your business by recharging your thinking  with new approaches, forward planning and fresh perspectives.

·     count on confidential and honest advice from a circle of trusted peers whose only agenda is to help you succeed.

·     drive collaboration & innovation within your peer group.

·     build your professional network.