CFO Roundtable

Pitched at Chief Financial Officer. The role of the CFO is increasingly strategic and focused on innovation. This informal program equips the modern Finance Chief, with the knowledge, skills, and network you need to successfully increase both company & personal performance and productivity.




Chief Financial Officer
Patties Foods

“CFO Roundtable Benefits: I joined the CFO Roundtable group to gain the benefit of external perspectives. The group encourages shared discussions with peers on similar issues & challenges to share ideas and lessons learned. Each group session helps to take me out of my day to day role, to think about how I tackle issues and I bring back new ideas to my own workplace."

Key Benefits;


·     learn from other successful peers in your group – ignite ideas around your own practices by learning from the experiences of others in your specific field.

·     grow your business by recharging your thinking  with new approaches, forward planning and fresh perspectives.

·     count on confidential and honest advice from a circle of trusted peers whose only agenda is to help you succeed.

·     drive collaboration & innovation within your peer group.

·     build your professional network.